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Maintaining good skin health is the core to having clear glowing youthful skin. Whether you’re looking to maintain already fabulous skin or treat a skin problem we have the solution. We offer skin care consultations to advise on treatments that can be done in clinic and programmes that can be carried out at home. Our therapists are always up to date with the most advanced technologies the world of aesthetics has to offer.

We offer the full range of ZO Medical Skin Health products along with ZO facials and peels.

Skincare can be purchased in clinic to takeaway after skincare consultation.


Glow Facials

Skin concerns? Wanting a pamper? Have an event you’re preparing for?
We have the facial for you. We offer a bespoke package of facials with driven by our patient’s goals. If you’d like to have more youthful plumper skin, reduce breakouts, to hydrate the skin or redness then the ZO range of facials is here to help. 

Each facial is a bespoke to your need but always include the basic ZO stimulator peel. The stimulator peel will exfoliate the skin, accelerate skin cell renewal but is calming and has no downtime and no peeling. Our facials are carried out in our brand new skin therapy room which is dimmed and scented to create a wonderfully relaxing environment. Each facial includes facial, neck and shoulder massage.

Enhancing, rejuvenating and improving the skin is an ongoing process and our patients are always keen to maintain that glow at home. We are a ZO specialist clinic and are able to provide a full consultation service for all skin needs. Therefore, at the end of your treatment our therapists will offer you the chance to discuss the facial, products used and recommended products for you to use. This can also be discussed at a future consultation if you’d like to continue relaxing at home.

ZO Basic Stimulator Peel
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Accelerates skin renewal
  • Evens skin tone
  • Smooths textures
  • Calms skin
  • Minimises fine lines and wrinkles
  • £70
    Can be carried out 4-6 weekly
    We recommend the ZO Get Skin Ready programme to maintain this facial.
    The following facials all contain additional steps, products and techniques to achieve specific goals.

    ZO Extraction Peel

    Removes black heads, cleanses pores and reduces pore size. Reduces closed comodones, commonly known as white heads. This facial uses physical extraction for black heads.
    Can be carried out 4-6 weekly
    We recommend using the Get Skin Ready programme from ZO to maintain this facial
    60 Minutes

    ZO Anti Ageing Facial

    Improves skin firmness & skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
    Can be carried out 4-6 weekly

    We recommend using the ZO Anti Ageing programme to maintain this treatment

    ZO Anti Ageing Aggressive

    Improves skin firmness & skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

    Also included in this facial is ZO Firming Serum Accelerated. This is a boosted concentrate that amplifies the treatment. Firming Serum Accelerated supercharges the skin’s rejuvenation process and works to improve the appearance of sagging and skin laxity.

    Can be carried out 4-6 weekly

    We recommend the Aggressive Anti Ageing Programme to maintain this treatment

    ZO Ultrahydration

    This strengthens dull and dry skin. Restores skin health to achieve maximum results and leaves a dewy glow.
    Can be carried out 4-6 weekly

    We recommend using the Get Skin Ready Programme with added hydrating crème to maintain this facial

    ZO Skin Brightening

    This facial reduces pigment and evens skin tone, It’s a great way to kick start a brighter skin journey or give your current regime a boost.
    Can be carried out 4-6 weekly

    We recommend using the Skin Brightening Programme to maintain this facial

    ZO Acne Control
    This facial will calm active break outs, cleanse the pores and reduce inflammatory sebum. It helps manage oily skin with open pores and closed comodones (white heads).
    Can be carried out 4-6 weekly
    ZO Redness Control
    This will calm red irritated skin prone to rosacea. It will assist healing the barrier function of the skin to reduce further flare ups.
    Can be carried out 4-6 weekly
    The following peels are separate
    ZO Invisapeel
    This facial is a gentle resurfacing peel with no down time. It helps with dry, flakey and dull skin. Perfect for before a big event, our red-carpet peel.
    Can be carried out 4-6 weekly
    ZO 3 Step Peel
    This is a much more intensive treatment with wonderful results. It reduces many signs of agening along with acne and the scarring it leaves. This peel can also help reduce pigment and melasma. This uses an innovative blend of retinol in clinic followed by an at home treatment for maximum results.

    The skin will peel for 5-7 days following treatment.


    Can be carried out monthly for best results

    Medical Skin Needling

    Otherwise known as dermaroller or dermapen, this treatment uses tiny fine needles in the skin to stimulate the bodies own production of collagen. This smooth fine lines wrinkles and can improve acne scarring and large pores.

    From £150 per treatment

    3-6 advised